The Solo Architect is a website under the flagship of M. F. Salioa Architectural Services, an architectural design studio established in March 2015 and administered solely by Mackoy F. Salioa, an Architect, Master Plumber, EDGE Expert, and EDGE Auditor based in the Philippines. The company is engaged in architectural design, plumbing design, allied services, and green building auditing and consultancy. Since its inception, a one-person team has run it, hence the website name. 

This website will feature contents that impart first-hand information about the solo architectural practice. Most of the information come from Mackoy’s ten years of collective experience as an employee and a freelance architect and from being a full-fledged sole practitioner for seven years and counting.

Aside from providing content for the solo and small practitioners, this website also features a store packed with quality tools and resources that I created and use, derived from the best practices and learnings, and refined through years of experience. These tools are vital in my practice and will play a crucial role for start-up architects engaged in a 2D workflow and seasoned ones looking to streamline their current library for the longest time. CAD blocks, sheets, templates, tool palettes, and pro forma documents form part of the essentials of an architectural office that, when set right at the onset, will help keep the architect productive every single time.

Above all, this website strives to be a valuable resource for architects and aspirants to the profession, build a community of like-minded individuals, and provide information to those seriously thinking about taking a leap of faith toward an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience of solo practice. After all, the solo and small to medium practitioners make up the majority of architectural practice the world over. The practice of architecture does not belong to the big guys alone.
Sole Practitioner Architect

By M.F. Salioa Architectural Services

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