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The download link will be available once the payment is completed. Follow the prompts upon checkout for e-wallet payments (GCash, Maya, and GrabPay), and the download link will be available at once. For other modes of payment, you will receive a separate email with the download link written on it. Please check your inbox AND spam/junk folder. Send a message to [email protected] when you don’t see the confirmation email, and we will sort things out. Alternatively, you may access the DOWNLOADS section in your account on our website to see if your orders are already available for download. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE ONLY GIVEN A SINGLE CHANCE TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE. Login to your account HERE.

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Yes. You can modify or manipulate the blocks and other CAD assets to suit your requirement. We strongly recommend creating a backup copy prior, just in case.

Unfortunately, no. Aside from being a digital product that by nature is non-returnable, our CAD files are on a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” basis. When available, check out the demo video (click the link in the product short description) to get a sense of the product you are eyeing to get. If you have questions about any of the products listed in our store, email us at [email protected], and we will attend to your concerns as soon as we possibly can.

Not yet. You still have to manually re-path all the blocks inside the tool palette. The path will be the location on your computer where you saved the blocks. The blocks inside the tool palettes are included in the purchase. Learn how to re-path the blocks by reading this post.

The template products listed in our store are packaged items that contain all the necessary files to make them work as we intended, with the .dwt (drawing template) being the “alpha” file of the pack. Depending on the product you choose, the template WILL OR WILL NOT INCLUDE the sheet DWG files (paper with title block). The intention is to provide flexibility to users who already have the sheet files in their CAD library, in which case they are only after the drawing template (.dwt) file itself. The template product WILL ALWAYS INCLUDE the drawing template (.dwt), plot style (.ctb), plotter configuration (.pc3 or .pc5), and the font (.ttf) file. Again, depending on the product you choose, CAD blocks WILL OR WILL NOT BE INCLUDED. Check the product description for the complete list of inclusions.

Whether you have purchased a CAD block, sheet, or template, the first thing you have to do BEFORE adding any of them into your drawing is to evaluate and modify the layer properties, drawing units, and text styles among others, to match your drawing standards. Creating backup copies prior will be ideal.

All DWG files in our store were created using the metric unit at a scale of 1:1 (1 unit is equal to 1 mm). If you’re from the US or Canada, which uses imperial units, and plan to purchase a product from our store, you need to change the drawing units into feet or inches. Here are the steps to do so:

A. OPTION 1 – Use -DWGUNITS command (only available in AutoCAD® 2019 and later)

Command -DWGUNITS. Then follow the prompts below in succession:

  1. Drawing units – choose 1 (Inches).
  2. Drawing unit display format – choose 4 (Architectural).
  3. Linear display precision – choose the appropriate unit.
  4. Scale objects from other drawings upon insert? Choose Y (Yes).
  5. Match INSUNITS to drawing units? Choose Y (Yes).
  6. Scale objects in current drawing to reflect change in units? Choose Y (Yes).

B. OPTION 2 – Use SCALE command

Open the block, then command SCALE

  1. Select the object or enter ALL.
  2. Specify a base point, or enter 0,0.
  3. Specify the following scale factors:
    Millimeters to inches = 0.0393701
    Millimeters to feet = 0.00328084
    Feet to millimeters = 304.80
    Feet to centimeters = 30.48
    Feet to meters = 3.048

C. OPTION 3 – Use INSERT command

On a new drawing, command UNITS

  1. Under the Length, Type, select Architectural.
  2. Under the Length, Precision, select your preferred precision.
  3. Under the Insertion scale, select Inches, then click OK.
  4. Command INSERT.
  5. Select the block you want to use. At this point, you should be able to insert any drawing in imperial units.

For precautionary measures, it is recommended to secure a backup copy of the file prior to executing any of the aforementioned steps.

The dynamic blocks were created in AutoCAD® LT 2022 and saved in the 2013 version. They are tested on and compatible with ZWCAD® 2020 Professional Edition. In most cases, they should be compatible with many other CAD software that is 2013 version and up. However, we do not guarantee that the dynamic blocks will behave the same way as they were not tested on other CAD software aside from ZWCAD® 2020 Professional Edition. 

Download and install Autodesk’s DWG TrueView on your PC. Once installed, open the files from there and Save As to your version of CAD. It is free software; you do not have to shell out cash for a license. Please note that the DWG TrueView is for Windows computers only. 

The Tool Palette files that are offered on our website are two specific file types, (1) .xtp and (2) .xml. The .xtp file is for AutoCAD®, while the .xml is for ZWCAD®. Make sure to select the product that is specific to your CAD software. 

Unfortunately, no. ZWCAD® has no dynamic block editor feature.

  • No part of the product(s) may be reproduced, distributed, re-sold, or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior authorization.
  • You are only given one chance to download the file(s) and you are responsible for keeping them safe. We will not replace a lost file(s)
  • The CAD files were created for users who have a working knowledge of CAD software. Your responsibility is to ensure their compatibility with your own software, drawing standards, and skill level. We will not be responsible for any issues that may arise due to the usage of our CAD products
  • The dynamic blocks are DWG files created in AutoCAD® LT 2022 and were saved in 2013 version. There are many other software that can open and edit DWG files and have the capability to retain the properties set on dynamic blocks, but we can not guarantee that they will work on them seamlessly.
  • Read the complete Terms and Conditions here