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  • Parking Slot – CAD Dynamic Block

    122.00 PHP

    Computer Aided-Drafting (CAD) dynamic block representing a parking slot of various standard dimensions. You can choose between two types – single and double slot (boundary) lines. The only difference between them is that the former shows the thickness of the boundary, which is commonly used in detailed drawings like floor pattern layout and parking graphics layout. There are five (5) files in this product, which include three (3) FREE CAD blocks (handicapped symbol, wheel guard dynamic block, and driveway arrow dynamic block), and the plot style.

    • We strongly suggest you diligently evaluate the block’s properties and overwrite its layer name, color, text style, and line type to match your standards before inserting it into your drawing.
    • At your own risk, you may manipulate the dynamic block when the default configurations do not meet your requirement. Be aware that dynamic blocks tend to misbehave when improperly configured. Securing a backup copy prior will be ideal.
    • Check out our FAQ page for quick answers to common questions and other important details.
    • Read this article to convert the metric units (mm) used in creating this block to imperial (inches or feet).