Standards of Professional Practice numbers 201-208 for reference of Registered and Licensed Architects (RLAs) in the Philippines as the Supplemental IRR of R.A. No. 9266 (The Architecture Act of 2004). The files came from the UAP Publications and Resource Materials in the United Architects of the Philippines website. Here’s the list of documents included:

  • Standards of Professional Practice Annex “A”
  • SPP No. 201 SPP on Pre-Design Services
  • SPP No. 202 SPP on Regular Design Services
  • SPP No. 203 SPP on Specialized Allied Services
  • SPP No. 204-A SPP on Full-Time Supervision Services
  • SPP No. 204-B SPP on Construction Management Services
  • SPP No. 205 SPP on Post-Construction Services
  • SPP No. 206 SPP on Comprehensive Architectural Services
  • SPP No. 207 SPP on Design-Build Services
  • SPP No. 208 SPP on Architectural Design Competition

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