ISO A4 CAD Sheet Package

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Computer Aided-Drafting (CAD) file of an ISO A4 paper with editable title block intended for use on working drawings. There are four files in this product, (1) ISO A4 sheet – landscape, horizontal title block, (2) ISO A4 sheet – landscape, vertical title block, (3) ISO A4 sheet – portrait, and (4) plot style file.

  • We strongly suggest that you diligently evaluate the drawing’s properties and overwrite its layer name, color, text style, and line type, among others, to match your standards before inserting it into your drawing
  • Check out our FAQ page for quick answers to common questions and other important details

To Whom Is This Product For?

  • Check Mark Architects and students of architecture
  • Check Mark Interior Designers and students of interior design
  • Check Mark Other AEC professionals and freelancers
  • Check Mark CAD technicians and draftsmen
  • PayPal
  • 10mm wide perimeter margin
  • All texts are editable
  • FileName Field is included in the drawing. This will help in tracing back the printed file in the computer. Command “laythw” to reveal the field
  • Plot style (.ctb) file is included. Learn how to add it to your CAD software here.
  • Landscape, horizontal title block
  • Landscape, vertical title block
  • Portrait
  • Color 1 (red) = 0.10, black
  • Color 2 (yellow) = 0.20, black
  • Color 3 (green) = 0.30, black
  • Color 4 (cyan) = 0.40, black
  • Color 5 (blue) = 0.50, black
  • Color 6 (magenta) = 0.60, black
  • Color 7 (white) = 0.80, black

semi-automate repetitive tasks

Are you done with the plans and ready to present? Oh, there’s one more thing to do – putting them on paper, filling up the project details, and printing. Handle those nuances efficiently by setting up your drawing assets beforehand. You don’t have to waste your time looking for that specific paper size and title block from past projects to copy and paste from. Permanently store this drawing sheet file in your library and use it repeatedly across all projects moving forward. Just copy the original file from your library, paste it to the specific project folder, open it on CAD software, edit the details, and it’s good to go. Take advantage of your CAD software’s automatic sheet generation by creating a drawing template and making this file as an external reference (Xref). Read this post to learn how to create sheets on the Layout tab using a template automatically.

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ZWCAD® 2020 Professional Edition


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